Camp Moloney

Camp Moloney was named for Sgt. Joe Moloney, the first American to die in Switzerland during World War II. Located in Adelboden, it was the first internment camp for American internees. Initially all American internees were sent to Adelboden, but soon other camps were established to accomodate larger numbers of internees. From that point on, enlisted internees were sent to Adelboden or Wengen, and officers were sent to Davos. Adelboden is located in a deep valley in the Swiss Alps South of Bern, surrounded on three sides by steep mountains, and on a fourth side by a deep ravine. Only one road provides access to Adelboden, a summer resort town that was largely empty because of the war. This made it an ideal location to house the internees and deter them from attempting escape. The first two photos were taken by James Lewis during internment. The last four photos of internees were published in the Philadelphia Inquirer on November 26, 1944.

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