The internment of SSG Legg

To whom it may Concern:
      My name is Jarrell F. Legg, S/Sgt Army Air Force, ASN (omitted). I attempted to escape from Switzerland beginning at our Camp in Wengen, about 1/8-9/45. There were 4 or 5 of us wearing Civilian Clothing, among our group as I recall was Willie (Dale) Carte, Rollie Rhodes, Henry Piekarski and myself, we were apprehended by Swiss soldiers near the bottom of the Mountain. We were then transported to Hunenberg. The facility was a low one story wooden building, was encompassed by a ten-foot or more barbwire fence. The top of this fence had an about 30 degree strands of barbwire that was tilted inward. Several armed guards with fixed bayonets attached to their rifle, each had a German-Shepherd guard dog. Observation towers that were elevated 15 to 25 feet above the fence line were also manned with armed guards. (I have photos that were taken of this complex, to verify my description of the facility) Furnish to you upon proper request. Life inside this complex was challenging. I am not sure of the floor composition; I would assume it was wood. Straw of some sort was spread on the floor in certain designated areas, we slept on the straw with two blankets. Space between each individual was limited. Heating of the quarters was also poor along with the overall ventilation. Food was poor and furnished in small quantities. The quantities we could understand, since the general population of the country was suffering due to wartime conditions. Bathroom facilities were located outside of the housing complex, consisting of a slit trench for urine, and a bucket catch system for bowl waste. Bathing and regular hygiene needs were so difficult that we kept any attempt to conduct these chores to a minimum. I also understand that the facts in this case could be validated at the Swiss archives in Bern. Many of my fellow internees would greatly appreciate excerpts from these documents for possible submission to our own Veterans Administration for possible benefits and/or status with Health Care admissions into the VA Hospitals. I trust this may give you some insight into my experiences at Hunenberg. I understand from a Swiss Native that this site, perhaps with needed renovations, continues to be a correctional institution. I attest to the best of my ability to be truthful with memory and notes made by others and myself.

     Jarrell F. Legg