The testimony of SSG Alfred V. Fairall

Declassified per executive order 12356, Section 3.3, 735027, By NND, Date 1973


           : SS

      S/Sgt Alfred V. Fairall, ASN (omitted), having been duly sworn according to Law, upon his oath deposes and says:

      S/Sgt Howard Melson, who was interned with me at Adelboden, Switzerland, was caught by Swiss authorities while attempting to escape from Adelboden. The Swiss put him in solitary confinement in either Geneva or Bern for twenty-three (23) days to try to make him tell where he got his civilian clothes. When he didnít tell, they returned him to solitary confinement to try again to get him to talk. Sgt Melsonís first attempt to escape was made around April or May, 1944.

      T/Sgt Daniel Culler was escaping with Melson and was apprehended by Swiss authorities at the same time. Culler was not place in solitary confinement. 1st Lt George Telford, pilot of the pane in which Melson flew, is presently at AAFRS #1 and should be able to provide more information about this matter.

      Culler is now in the United States. Melson is likewise now in the United States, having succeeded in his second attempt to escape. I believe his home is in Delaware.

      I did not personally witness the above, but I have been told of it by Melson and Culler, after they were returned to Adelboden.

           S/Sgt Alfred V. Fairall

Subscribed and sworn to this
9th day of December 1944

Glen E. Smith
Captain, A. C.,
Summary Court Officer